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Application Management Services

We discover and repair potential issues before they impact your business. This will win trust amongst users and boost productivity.

Retail IT-Applications typically manage large volumes of data, talk to multiple interfaced systems and provide a high degree of automation for your business. To be able to focus on your core business you need trust in your systems, to ensure that they perform well. Your applications need to be monitored, so that any problems can be resolved quickly, before they impact your customers, employees or suppliers.

Weigandt Consulting has been providing proactive and reliable Application Management Services to many satisfied clients since 2006. Our wealth of experience, accumulated knowledge and honed processes are second to none, enabling us to deliver a cutting-edge service.

Konzum Case Study

Save time and money!

70 %

Less business user incidents, as of all incidents determined and resolved before it has an impacton your users.

30 %

Decrease of incidents already after 6 months, continuous optimizations.

50 %

Less clarification work resulting in half the average resolution time.

80 %

Increased trust in and value of data.

Key Differentiators:

Our measured and incentivized proactiveness enables continuous incident reductions

Our Application Traffic Control Service resolves issues before they occur

Use Cases:

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Case 4


Service Engineer’s workplaces are secure and professionally set-up. Nevertheless our security-oriented AMS Architecture ensures, that customer applications and data are totally separated from service engineer‘s local environments and always secure.

AMS Support tools like the Ticket System and the Virtual Workplaces are operated in the cloud, if desired in the country of the customer or on customer‘s own servers.

Customer data in User Interface or report format are going to Virtual Workplaces only. The Service Engineer receives only a video-format input to his Remote Desktop system on his local workplace. No real data go to the Service Engineer‘s Workplace.

Application Traffic Control (ATC):

We transport your business data between business applications like aircrafts transport passengers between airports with the same sense of responsibility and following key features:

1. Track and archive all messages

2. Monitor against message process plans

3. Automated traffic control

Less business user incidents and clarification involvement

Faster resolution and root-cause analysis

Increased trust and value of data

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