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Assortment & In-Season Planning

Good assortment plans and in-season planning will ensure your sales channels are always well sorted and offer timely latest trends.

At Weigandt Consulting we are proud of our fast fashion planning and management expertise. Our solution is focused on short-life merchandise management, so it’s perfect for the fashion industry! And, it enables you to plan your assortments visually, so they appeal to your customers.

Take advantage of our wealth of experience and knowledge of the Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) platform to get the best results, and maximise the return from your investment in Oracle.

Fashion retail is a challenge — the market is becoming more and more complex:

Consumers have fingertip access to an almost limitless source of inspiration, which has started a drive from the high street to influence up-stream fashion.

Social media has opened up the market to a whole new set of influencers, such as fashion bloggers or Tweets from much-followed celebrities.

Customer loyalty migrates from the brand to fashion trends.

For the online channel it is the case that consumers order multiple styles, in multiple colours, in multiple sizes in order to find a single garment. This can mean that at any point in time, a large amount of inventory can be in transit to consumers, in their homes, or heading back to the retailer in the form of returns.

One thing that has remained refreshingly constant over this period of change is that an accurate and demand driven plan is still at the heart of ultimate business success. And, never before has planning been as critical to fashion retailers as it is right now.

What can Weigandt’s assortment planning solution deliver?

Sales Growth

Good assortment plans and in-season planning will ensure your sales channels are always well sorted and offer timely latest trends.

Margin Growth

Good assortment plans will reduce product markdowns and unplanned clearance activity, as well as out-of-stocks.

Reduce Inventory

By creating selling channel specific assortments with breadth and depth, the required inventory can be allocated in an optimal and appropriate way, resulting in better stock turnover.

Higher Sell-Through

By increasing stock turn, sell-through will be increased as well. Ultimately, this means terminal stock will be optimised, without leftovers being kept for future seasons.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is predicated by offering the right assortments within the right channels for the right customers. Therefore one of the ultimate goals is to create store or selling channel specific assortments with the appropriate breadth and depth.

Strategic Growth

Get your assortment plans right and you’ll create a highly profitable organisation, a sense of retail excitement that will drive customer footfall, and brand growth which will lock in future customer loyalty.

Solution features

Our solution for assortment and in-season planning is designed to support any aspect of lifestyle retailing, and has the following key features:

Consumer Demand Focussed

Identifies store-level and/or channel selling patterns across different assortment periods and varying seasonality.


Allows for flexible product and location/channel attribute management and analysis across all the assortment planning steps including assortment strategy development, assortment creation and buy plan development.


Initializes plans and makes assortment recommendations based on the assortment strategy and consumer attribute preferences.

Embedded Optimization

Recommends each cluster’s assortment and allocates size/pre-pack receipts by fulfilling location based on each location’s specific customer-driven size preferences.

Ease of Use

Highly visual and persona/role-based. The flexible, formattable and configurable processes allow for a tailored approach and improved usability.

Visual planning

A web-based and highly visual user interface guides the planning process with images - showing styles, colours, products, etc.

Assortment analysis

Pre-season analysis of historical sales including colour effectiveness, trend changes, size preferences, customer segments, location and competitor‘s assortment.

Stores clustering

Configurable characteristics (such as location, climate, size, customer segments and competitors) can be used to build store clusters and create local assortments with the ability to form ranges that reflect local demand.

New stores

The like-for-like and new stores planning functions help you to expand with minimised risk.

Assortment strategy and planning

The breadth and depth of the assortment (styles, colours, sizes) can be defined, and the number of style/colour options can be aligned to budget and capacity.

Buy plan

A buy plan (e.g. on SKU/store/week level) can be created which is based on the planned assortment.

In-season corrections

The assortment plan can be updated to incorporate in-season assortment corrections, and to respond quickly to new trends.

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