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Merchandise Operations Management

Ultimate visibility of perpetual inventory across all items, locations and channels, enabling the omni-channel business model to be adopted.

Built on the Oracle Retail platform, the Merchandise Operations Management (MOM) solution provides a flexible, scalable and proven base from which core merchandising activities can be efficiently executed, to boost profitability. Activities include inventory management, pricing, replenishment, purchasing and vendor management — in a global environment, across multiple channels.

Our MOM solution is pre-configured to address the largest challenges faced by retailers:

Konzum Case Study

Rapid business growth

Internal expansion

Expansion into new channels or verticals

Omni-channel readiness

Lack of visibility of inventory information

Lack of adequate data, integration and an end-to-end business view

Lost opportunities from out-of-stock

Limited by inefficient, manual, non-integrated merchandising processes

Outdated legacy systems

Outdated technology and diverse business models, limiting growth and opportunity

What can Weigandt’s MOM solution deliver?

Visibility of business processes

Providing visibility of business processes by centrally managing foundation data and inventory.

Sound pricing decisions

Real-time access to the information, tools, and analytics necessary for making profitable pricing decisions. Getting the retail price right is one of the fastest ways to boost profits, increase market share and grow customer loyalty.

Operational excellence

Improving retail operational efficiencies by leveraging perpetual inventory, mass maintenance functionality and trade management.

Platform for growth

Supporting the growth of retailers looking to expand internationally and/or to add channels.

MOM solution features

Our pre-configured MOM solution has a broad functional coverage with the following key features:

Foundation data management

A single version of the truth! Ability to centrally manage many different types of items, locations, hierarchies, suppliers and partners. Integration of master data to external applications.


Strategic and rules-based pricing (regular, promotion and clearance) across all locations and channels.

Purchasing and deals management

Purchase order creation and management of costs through supplier cost changes and supplier deals. Visibility of costs, applying discounts and recovering funds back from vendors.

Replenishment and allocation

Constant monitoring of inventory conditions. Automated purchase order creation to fulfil consumer demand, based on selected replenishment methods.

Inventory management and stock ledger

Ultimate visibility of perpetual inventory across all items, locations and channels, enabling the omni-channel business model to be adopted. Facilitates sound decision-making on customer order fulfilment, replenishment, allocation, pricing and other related processes.

Sales audit

Accurate point-of-sale information. Auditing functionality, including correction of data anomalies, end of day balancing and loss prevention analysis.

Trade management

Holds the quota, tariff treatments, duties and fees related to international procurement. Minimises re-entry and automates the invoicing process.

Product catalogue management

Weigandt has developed a flexible Accelerator solution for effective and dynamic management of your product catalogue, with the following features:

  • Customisable attributes, templates and catalogues, that support all types of omni-channel business
  • Implemented as part of the MOM solution, it enables management of item information in workflows and tasks fulfilment control
  • High availability of data
  • Data held in an open source distributed non-relational database

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