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Tuning and Upgrade for Oracle RPAS

Improve the availability and reliability of your applications with our pro-active service which continuously monitors your applications, servers and network.

Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS) is a common platform to support all planning and optimisation tasks for retailers. Forecasting, financial and assortment planning, category and inventory management, and pricing and promotions optimisation modules are available on the platform. Each can be configured to support a retailer’s specific business requirements.

The team at Weigandt Consulting has successfully deployed many RPAS solutions for our clients. Our wealth of experience enables us to easily implement the modules as they are needed. We can adapt existing solutions or build completely new planning processes to ensure your future success and business growth.

What can Weigandt’s RPAS services deliver?

Generate savings

Reduce the costs of recruiting, training and retaining IT professionals, as our expert services are proven to cost less than an in-house model.

High availability

Improve the availability and reliability of your applications with our pro-active service which continuously monitors your applications, servers and network. We discover and repair potential issues before the impact your business. This will win trust amongst users and boost productivity.

Minimise risk

Permanently reduce the number of incidents and prevent failures during day-by-day business, application upgrades or new implementations.

Planning knowledge

You will benefit from our extensive retail planning and optimisation experience.

Full transparency of costs

Your expenses are transparent and predictable, and can de varied according to reduced incident volumes or seasonal spikes as needed.


1Your existing RPAS solution is still based on a classic client

Why choose a new RPAS Fusion Client?

  • Visual planning — image-based planning processes.
  • Better charts and graphs.
  • Web-based solution with access via web-browser.
  • Single sign-on to all RPAS solutions and domains.
  • Easier navigation.
  • Role-based workflow.
  • Only the Fusion Client receives new RPAS functionality.

We can upgrade your classic client solution to the Fusion Client

You can decide between the following upgrade options (sorted by effort required):

  • Option 1: Direct mapping of classic tab structure to the Fusion task flow.
  • Option 2: Re-evaluate the task flow for more efficiency.
  • Option 3: Re-evaluate how the business processes map to current requirements.

2Your RPAS Fusion Client solution is not up-to-date

Functional Enhancements in latest RPAS versions:

  • Visual planning (since version 14.1) with the use of images (styles/style-colours, silhouettes, colours, brand logos, fabric, etc.) to guide the planning process and navigate the solution.
  • New look and feel.
  • Graph and chart enhancements (e.g. Boolean flags on a graph, new treemap chart type)
  • Usability improvements.
  • Business intelligence solution plug-in.
  • Real time exception management and alerts.
  • Online integration.
  • Mobile version for tablets (version 15.0)

We can upgrade your solution to the latest RPAS version.

  • The solution upgrade brings functional enhancements, technical improvements and better performance.
  • We help you to simplify and optimise your day-to-day business processes.

3There is scope for improvement to the performance and usability of your RPAS solution

Technical improvements:

  • Speed up the nightly batch chain.
  • Multidimensional database optimisation.
  • Improve the calculation engine.
  • Optimise the work flow.
  • Optimise backup procedures.
  • Improve performance of interfaces.

We can improve the performance of your solution.

  • Our business expertise will enable us to optimise your work flow.
  • Our technical expertise will enable us to improve the performance without functionality changes.

Does this solution suit you?

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