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Cases Proactive Applications Management for Oracle Retail Modules and Integration Layer

Proactive Applications Management for Oracle Retail Modules and Integration Layer

Tesco is the UK’s largest retailer and is in the top 10 globally. With 476,000 colleagues and 6,902 shops covering markets in Europe and Asia, Tesco serves millions of customers every week in their stores and online.
  • £ 48.4bn £ 48.4bn Sales
  • £ 944m Group operating profit
  • 78m Shopping trips per week
  • 6,902 Shops
Massive, massive thank you to all of you! What a cracking teamwork between Business, Technology and Weigandt. This is a massive step forward in taking us away from really obsolete technology.

With the skills, expertise and dedication of 476,000 colleagues worldwide, Tesco is well placed in nine countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, Malaysia and Thailand.


Tesco required a trusted partner that understands how to both optimise legacy solutions and embrace next generation technologies to enable business agility. Weigandt Consulting was selected to help Tesco to achieve several goals:

  • Migrate Oracle Retail Systems that were heavily customised to the latest technology platforms and application versions
  • Providing proactive and effective Applications Management for Oracle Retail Modules and Integration Layer
  • Supporting ongoing custom development


After a short period of knowledge transfer and analysis, the first "quick wins" were delivered. Following a phase of stabilization, the entire applications management operation was taken over by Weigandt Consulting. Subsequently, the most important errors and performance problems have been systematically eliminated. The whole transition was executed according to our ”Swift 8 week Transition" approach and operation by Weigandt Consulting began on time.

  • High priority functionality provided quickly e.g. enabling better promotion processing and price management and consistency of product information.
  • Number of incidents decreased by more than 30% in 10 months.
  • Business users satisfaction measurably improved.
  • Successful and stable Christmas period.
  • Time to solve incidents reduced significantly.
  • Performance issues fixed.
  • Fixed data discrepancy issues.
  • Shorten duration of nightly chain by 2h.
  • Operational costs reduced significantly.

What Tesco says

I got to know Weigandt Consulting as a pro-active partner who will be honest about what is best to be done. They have fantastic specialist resources allowing you to outsource L2/3 support and maintenance of Oracle systems completely transparent to its users. They are capable of upgrading servers from older AIX versions to latest Unix ones, bring all historic code releases onto GitHub and centralise global operations in the UK and add Disaster Recovery. Their experience also extends to Oracle Finance systems, working agile, and Cloud hosting.

In short, Weigandt-Consulting has during my time at Tesco proven to me an extremely valuable partner, going well beyond what could be expected from them. I can sincerely recommend them as your next partner.

Frans Van De Schootbrugge, Head of Technology

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