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Cases Fully integrated central managing system

Fully integrated central managing system

"Tsvetnoy" big shopping mall in the centre of Moscow operates a unique concept with the objective of expressing the large city spirit, reflecting the constant movement, mix of styles and cultures.
  • $ 99 mln $ 99 mln Turnover
  • 2,1 mln Customers per year
  • 36.000 m² Selling Area
During the project your employees have proven to be highly qualified professionals having a great understanding of retail business processes and Oracle Retail applications.


The idea behind Tsvetnoy is all about the customer experience. Shoppers have access to a wide variety of different brands under one roof, can pay for them on any POS, and can use a common loyalty card for all purchases.

In order to deliver such a concept experts with major department store experience in Europe were invited to tender.

It was clear that the stores IT Systems would be critical to its future success and so the decision was made to implement Oracle Retail – the most suitable platform that can successfully implement such a concept.


The projects main objective was to deliver all the systems required for the successful operation of the store – including merchandise management, POS, loyalty system, financials, accounting and warehousing.

Weigandt Consulting, as the general contractor, was responsible for business process design, solution architecture design, the configuration of Oracle Retail applications and the training of key users.

Work included:

  • Consulting on new processes and their documentation at all levels, including standard operating procedures;
  • Project management, functional design, configuration of Oracle Retail modules, design modifications and integration;
  • Batch chain configuration, technical infrastructure, implementation, and deployment.


Weigandt Consulting were selected for their expertise and their holistic understanding of the retail business.

Throughout the project Weigandt Consulting were responsible for the development of business processes and integration with other systems. They provided advanced project management methods and strong management to guarantee the execution of delivery in strict accordance with the schedule.

The result was a completely new department store IT-solution, covering all aspects of the business.

A fully integrated solution that addresses Merchandising, Price & Promotions Management, Sales Control, Integration and Reporting, providing Tsvetnoy with visibility of their stock and sales along with better control of their supply chain. The applications run on an Enterprise technology stack providing resilience, security and reliability. From Day One, the solution has been stable and supports the unique business model of Tsvetnoy.

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