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About weigandt consulting

We are driven by the principles of trust and value. Trust is fundamental to the success of any project, and our grocery and fashion retail clients depend on us to implement new solutions which add value to their businesses. Our pre-configured solutions and proven methodologies add further value by enabling us to implement quickly and efficiently.

The Right Partner for You

Skills and experience

Our focus on retail and industry best-practise, and our pre-configured solutions enable us to deliver your projects faster and more cost-effectively.


We are proud of our reputation which is built on trust and reliability. By asking the right questions, we ensure we really understand your challenges.


Being owner-managed with a boutique approach drives our ethos of delivering value. Our proven methodology ensures we never have to re-invent the wheel.


We are focused on what's important to you. Open communication and collaboration keep projects on track to fully address your challenges.
  • The most successful Oracle Retail implementation for grocery in EuropeThe most successful Oracle Retail implementation for grocery in Europe
Service Lead for Oracle Retail Application Management at Weigandt Consulting.
Key Account Manager
Our culture is built on the core values of integrity and building customer success. When combined with our absolute specialisation in the retail industry and our excellence in Oracle Retail, Weigandt Consulting makes a compelling proposition for our clients.


Operating throughout Europe, we have clients in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland and Russia.

  • Tesco
  • Vodafone
  • Galeria Kaufhof
  • Konzum
  • Snow Queen
  • Tsvetnoy

We implement Oracle Retail solutions which deliver an array of benefits. And, we run a global 24/7/365 application management service to mitigate the risk of downtime.

Head of Processes Purchase
Galeria Kaufhof, Germany
Weigandt experts have performed a great job in delivering the required results. We have found the team to be well skilled, reliable and always responsive to our various requirements and conditions.

We put our clients first

Your satisfaction is our highest priority and fully working production solutions are our measure of success.

We are dynamic, agile and flexible, continuously fine-tuning and delivering features as soon as they are ready, so your needs can be refined on the fly — you won’t see us shying away from change requests! Our teams communicate daily to maintain project control and progress. And after go-live, we are on-hand to support the transition, familiarisation and acceptance periods.

The Weigandt story so far....


ATC (Application Traffic Control) - our own intelligent solution designed and developed to ensure the enterprise data of our customers is trusted.


Expert team was built in Bangalore


More and more leading Retailers rely on our proactive, reliable and economic Application Management Services (AMS).


Saint Petersburg office opened


Initiated a complex multi-phase project for FMCG, covering merchandise management and supply chain functionality, including our solution for wholesale operations.


London office opened


Implemented an innovative Oracle Retail Solution for a new department store in Moscow was the first store in Russia to adopt a market-style shop floor.


Open nearshore Application Management Services delivery centre for Europe in Ukraine.


First big Oracle Retail Suite Implementation for a large German department store chain.


Company formed in Aachen, Germany

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Weigandt consulting

Weigandt Consulting providing proactive and reliable application management services.

Our wealth of experience, accumulated knowledge and honed processes are second to none, enabling us to deliver a cutting-edge service.

We are a varied bunch of retail professionals and technical specialists who thrive on helping our clients address their challenges.
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