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We deliver business benefits from cutting-edge technology such as big data and machine learning.

All analytics experts agree that Artificial Intelligence will affect our lives. AI will dramatically change how we work, how we play and even how we function. It will significantly change how companies conduct business.

More than two thirds of organisations across various industries are expecting AI to impact everyday life within the next 5 to 10 years (*).

Well aware of AI's massive potential, forward thinking high-tech companies have taken early steps to succeed in this new market model. For example, sales recommendation engines generate 35% of Amazon's revenue and 75% for Netflix (**).

Be prepared for AI

Yet adoption of AI is still in the early stages and companies can benefit from evolving Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics technologies to better understand their customers' behaviour - their preferences and buying patterns, further automate their supply network, improve data quality and more.

In spite of future dramatic changes we believe that successful business will still continue to follow the fundamental principle of "know your customers well" and will have to make personalised offers at the right time and within the individual customer's context.

Our proposition

We provide the Data Science Services to build and implement solutions that address the following objectives:

+To Get Insight

for marketing, sales or operations areas using predictive analytics and machine learning

+To tune Insight

into action via appropriate communication channels with automation of marketing campaigns or sales offers

+To improve it infrastructure

existing data warehouse and extract, transform, load (etl) solutions to ensure the right data with appropriate quality is available in the right time

Get Insight Actions
Customer Profiling Marketing Campaigns
Life Style Up-Cross Sales
Credit Scoring Improve Loyalty
Churn prediction Operations
Fraud prediction


1. Increased Sales

A significant uplift in sales can be achieved. According to E-consultancy "Businesses that use real-time personalization technologies see an average uplift of 19% in sales."

2. Better Customer Experience

For one of our clients, enhanced Customer Insight helped in driving company-wide Customer Experience Program which resulted in 20% improvement of Net Promoter Score.

3. Increased Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a key metric as customer lock-in is reduced by legislative changes, comparison sites, reviews etc. and the ease of switching suppliers. We have helped clients with churn reduction campaigns that have reduced customer churn by 5% (Mobile Telco).

4. Reduced Cost of Operations

Preventive maintenance, efficient sales efforts can bring 10-15% efficiency for most industries.

5. Better Decisions

Deep insight and data driven decisions are invaluable for shaping the right company strategy.


Experienced Team

Experienced team with unique mix of experts in marketing, design, programming and statistical analysis.

Best Practices

We can bring proven best practices from across Retail, Telco and Banking industries.

Modern Technologies

We have expertise in modern cutting-edge Open Source Software as well as in commercial DWH, ETL, BI technologies. We can help to improve existing data management architecture, to increase ROI in IT and quicker deliver results.

Competitive Price

We have competitive pricing based on nearshore service, delivering incremental value fast.

(*) Source: SAS 2017 survey across EMEA
(**) Source: “How retailers can keep up with customers” McKinsey, October 2013.

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